What would happen to a person if I took a car battery and connected a metal wire operating into a hot tub?

Question by coolsixnine: What would occur to a individual if I took a auto battery and connected a metal wire operating into a hot tub?
This takes a short explanation. 1st of all I dont want to seriously hurt anyone. I live in an upscale apt neighborhood. My apt overlooks the pool and hot tub. Little did I know this was a negative mistake to take this apt for its “views”. Properly 11 of the last 14 nights, teenagers have been displaying up @ all hours(1:00-four:00am!) becoming loud and drinking in the hot tub. Usually I wouldnt thoughts , but I have a 3yr old that simply wakes up from their obnoxious behavior and then I am kept up. I have lost countless hours of sleep more than final 2 weeks. Want a way to “thwart” them from returning. I have referred to as the police 2 instances and they havent even bothered showning up! I’m certain the entire “teenagers in the pool” doesnt precisely get them rushing out there. But COME ON! I dont know what to do!Would a automobile battery shock their ass enough to make them consider twice or could it hurt them?? hehe

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Answer by Hinds feet
The vehicle battery will not do the trick, but it may blow the battery up as you will be shorting it out totally…This train of thought of making use of electricity can get you into difficulty if a person has a weak heart. Much better not to mess with electrical energy. Put itching powder in the water..
Have you reported this to apt manager?
If absolutely nothing else, move out..

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  1. the need to know says:

    No, a car battery is DC, that really wont do it. Get a electric fence box, run a wire from it.

  2. VirtualElvis says:

    Answer 1: Baby Ruth bar in the hot tub. Problem Solved.

    Answer 2: Isn’t this something you can take up at the condo committee meetings?

    Don’t mess around with electricity. Someone make have a heart issue or something and you’ll have a mess on your hands.

  3. melissa126978 says:

    Maybe I have been watching too much CSI lately but I would say don’t do it. It somehow could go wrong and kill one of them and then you will be to blame.
    Normally I’m all about revenge but like I said it could be from watching too much CSI that’s got me paranoid about this.

    I like the baby Ruth idea though only problem with that is if it clogged the pipes or whatever and needs to be fixed it could come back to you
    Or post a sign pretending to be the property owner and state that people have been getting chlamydia from the hot tub lately and it is quarantined and anyone who swam in it in the past month should get tested

  4. Professor Chaos says:

    Nothing, 12volts isnt enough to hurt someone. It would short out, if you had both terminals connected to the water, and it could blow up the battery. Dont do it, thats just stupid.

  5. Mr. God says:

    It probably wouldnt shock them, however it could short out the battery and cause it to explode and really hurt them.
    Let me know what city you live in so I can get a reward for turning you in.

    Now, with that said. You live in an apartment. Surely you didnt expect it to be quiet. Apartments are for young people enjoying their youth and having fun. And that fun does include hot tubbing. Lighten up or move into a house.

  6. David says:

    Hinds feet is right about shorting the battery. Try putting “rits” dye the same color as the water in there. That would make a mess. But the only way you could really solve your problem would be to move to another apartment or get a lawyer.

  7. havanadig says:

    No you need to use domestic electricity,the battery is low voltage,if you shorted the positive and negative with jump leads you get a shower of sparks as they touch but not enough power to get rid of your problem,although if you tipped enough battery acid into the pool you may get rid of your infestation.

  8. Peaches says:

    I don’t know what more you could do then phone the police but I wouldn’t want to see you in jail for hurting someone. use food colouring or lie to the cops and say there fighting , then they”ll come.

  9. John C says:

    there was once a movie filled with nothing but skits of totally stupid stunts, this would be one of themm

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