What steps to stick to with a rotary engine in a mazda rx8 to take excellent care of the vehicle?

Query by The Engineer: What methods to comply with with a rotary engine in a mazda rx8 to take very good care of the car?
New to the rotary engine world and I know that they need a lot far more care and attention than a standard engine. I was questioning what a list of steps and procedures will support improve the life and functionality of the car. I know that changing the oil quite often is a have to and maybe adding a small premix to the fuel but what other actions can i comply with?

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Answer by cnshinn
Rotary engines don’t genuinely take a lot more care, but suitable, knowledgeable care. This is where so many owners get into problems and why rotary engines have such a undesirable rap. Mazda truly needs to educate new owners.

The basics of rotary care:

1) Let the engine warm up a bit just before driving off if you can. Restrict RPM’s till the motor is totally warmed.

two) Do NOT shut off a rotary engine “cold” as this can lead to flooding. This is since, like all engines, the higher idle fuel flow is greater to keep the motor operating until warmed up a bit. The distinction is that in a rotary the engine design can let excess fuel “pool” at the bottom of the rotor housing, thinning the oil on the walls, and as a result loosing the seal top to compression loss. You can safely shut off the motor when it drops to low idle (about 800-900 rpm). If you should shut down cold, rev the motor to 3000 rpm and hold for eight – ten seconds. This cuts the fuel flow to normal levels and burns off any excess, stopping flooding.

3) Never overheat a rotary engine…period. You will warp a rotor housing and then require a new motor.

four) Carbon build up is a larger situation in a rotary, and the harm it can lead to is greater, too. Maintain carbon & varnish at bay by providing the engine rev’s when you can. A red-line a day will keep the mechanic away. Rotary engines love higher rev’s so indulge when it really is safe to do so. Taking long highway drives are yet another very good way to maintain the motor clean.

5) Check you oil levels often. Considering that some oil is injected into the combustion chambers you will have to monitor your oil. Anticipate to add a quart each and every 1500 – 2500 miles. And because oil is injected get fresh oil in there by changing your oil each and every 3000 or so miles.

6) Except for a really handful of particular synthetic oils, keep away from synthetics. You oil wants to burn off as cleanly as achievable when injected into the combustion chambers, and most synthetics are created to NOT burn-off simply.

7) Pre-mixing excellent 2 cycle motor oil into your gas is something a lot of rotary owners do (including me). It provides that tiny added insurance coverage that you’ll have very good lubrication for the rotor seals. You only need four – 6 ounces per full tank.

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