What color primer should I use?

Question by posttk421: What colour primer should I use?
I am functioning on a model of a Lamborghini Countach. The kit is molded in white. I plan on painting the car red.

Must I use grey primer? Or would a different color generate a far better finish?

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Answer by Lowlevel
When I’ve painted anything that requires a red (or gold for that matter) topcoat, I’ve often used a red primer.

Utilizing grey tends to ‘muddy’ the colour.. Even though it depends on what sort of paint you happen to be utilizing

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  1. hemi426mopar says:

    It dont matter be sure to rough the surface up sanding it with very fine sand paper,only sand from to back all over the body,if you start sanding in circles or up and down verticaly it’ll show,so sand horizontaly only.

  2. sam says:

    You should use a red primer.

  3. Darth Taiter says:

    I agree that a red primer would be a better choice.

  4. morpheus says:

    This depends on the “look” you want to achieve, and as another person answering the question has mentioned, the type of paint plays a part. In general however:

    By using a white primer, the paint colors used will tend to be bright and stand out. The paint will also take on a deeper color as more layers of the same color are used.

    Many modelers use a gray primer because the colors used over this will produce a more realistic look -most real cars have gray primer underneath the coats of paint. Using gray does mute or subdue the paint color to some degree.

    Using a primer that is close to the color of your choice (in this case red) will allow for some mistakes -such as poorly coated areas- because the primer will “cover up” and mask the areas. This does not mean, however, that the finished color will necessarily be nicer. At times it may also create more mistakes and missed areas because the primer color is so close to the paint color.

    Just remember that whatever color primer you choose, it will more than likely take more than a single coat of paint to achieve the look you want -possibly two or three. Be sure to use several light coats of paint rather than a heavy one that may lead to drips, runs, and “pooling” of paint in recessed areas of your model.

    Hope that helps in your decision.

  5. Pete J says:

    Just a bit of information to add to this discussion. There are a couple of translucent colors. Red is one and so is Yellow. What that means is that if you use a contrasting color as a primer, you will have to put a ton of color on to get the full color. Sometimes you can play off of this and increase some of the subtlies of the color. Ferrari is noted for this. They have used both a pink and orange base coat under their reds to give it a more vibrant color. That is why most models never really capture “Ferrari Red” even when using automotive paint mixed to spec. Never use gray primer. It absolutely kills the red. Take a piece of scrap plastic and laydown several differant strips of primer. Then lay your color on evenly accross all primers. This will give you a look at how the color will work. I think you will find it an interesting exercise. Good luck. Pete J.

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