The best way to work.

As of January 2006, federal tax law allows commuters to set aside up to $105 per month to pay for transit and van pool fares plus up to $205 for qualified parking. The Connecticut Department of Transportation promotes this tax-free commute benefit throughout the state as the DeduCT-a-Ride program. The DeduCT-a-Ride program offers substantial savings for both employers and commuters. DeduCT-a-Ride works like other salary deduction programs and is as easy to implement as it is to use.

Commuter tax incentive programs like DeduCT-a-Ride are making a difference to thousands of employees throughout the state. In addition to monetary rewards, participants enjoy a less stressful commute and take satisfaction in knowing that they are helping to relieve congestion and reduce the environmental impact of driving alone to work.

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  1. We would like to enroll UIL Holdings Corp in the Connecticut Deduct-a-Ride program

    Please either e:mail me or call me at: 203-499-2135

    Thank you,

    Diana Saunders

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