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NRMA Insurance Research Finds Drivers Are Losing Their Cool At School

(PRWEB) April 24, 2010

Car Insurance provider, NRMA Insurance is urging all NSW drivers to keep their cool when school goes back this week, after research reveals that almost 40 per cent of drivers are getting stressed when dropping off or collecting their children from school*.

The insurer also found that one in four drivers admitted to ignoring parking signs or rules when dropping off or picking up kids from school.

NRMA Car Insurance spokesperson Emily Gatt said we encourage all drivers to stay calm and follow the rules when in school drop-off zones.

We understand that everyone leads busy lives, which often means we can run late, however drivers should still make childrens safety a priority and be alert to the increased activity around schools.

Dropping children at school can be a stressful experience – there is often traffic congestion which can lead to drivers being distracted and frustrated.

Our research also showed us that 65 per cent of people get stressed about the behaviour of other parents and drivers in school drop-off zones.

More and more parents and carers drive kids to and from school rather than the child walking so there are a number of cars in the drop-off zones.

So we urge all drivers to follow the rules and keep their stress levels down when doing the school run for the safety of the children and their own benefit, Ms Gatt said.

[NRMA Car Insurance] http://www.nrma.com.au/car-insurance/index.shtmloffers some tips to drivers:

Try and leave home early to avoid the peak school drop-off and collection time;
Consider car pooling with other drivers to avoid doing the school run five days a week;
If you have the time, perhaps park away from the school and walk the child;
If youre caught in traffic remember to take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy the time getting frustrated can affect your ability to concentrate on the road.

*Based on Pure Profile Research, October 2009

NRMA Insurance is a leading insurance provider, offering car insurance quotes, home insurance, motorcycle insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, boat insurance, health insurance and caravan insurance in NSW.


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Monterey College of Law — First Law School in US to go iPad

Seaside, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2010

Monterey College of Law, a California accredited law school located in Seaside, California is the first law school in the US to adopt the iPad as an integral part of the law school curriculum. Law students at Monterey College of Law returned from summer break to the exciting news that they are part of a unique pilot program that will provide iPads to each law student at the school. Through an innovative program developed by the law school with BAR BRI, the countrys largest bar exam review company, each MCL law student receives an iPad when they enroll in the BAR BRI supplemental curriculum program that the students use while attending school and in preparation for the California Bar Exam.

Law schools are rarely found close to the leading edge of technology, said Mitchel Winick, President and Dean of the law school. However, it is clear to me that combining this technology with interactive, portable, timely content and harnessing the energy of on-line social networking provides a number of immediate educational opportunities. This is particularly true for an evening law school like MCL that has a traditional classroom-based legal education program in which many students are balancing a full work and family schedule while attending law school.

Many of our law students work the equivalent of three jobs, said Wendy LaRiviere, Dean of Admissions. Between law school, work, and family, it is a constant challenge for them to set aside enough time during the week to study. Winick believes that the iPad will provide time-challenged students an easy way to add 30 to 45 minutes of studying each day . . . during a lunch break, waiting in the car-pool line, or even getting their oil changed. The result will be an additional 3 to 5 hours per week of valuable study time. It is a compelling argument because it has the potential to add 200 to 250 hours of study time per year and possibly as much as 600 to 700 additional hours over the course of the law degree program. If our students use this found time to do additional reading and incorporate a more extensive use of their class notes, study guides, and practice exams . . . we expect to see a positive result in law school performance and continued improvement in the bar pass rates of our graduates, said Winick.

Chris Marohn, a third-year MCL law student who is the immediate-past President of the Student Bar Association noted that excited Facebook posts about the iPad program were circulating through the rest of the student body before the Dean finished announcing the new program to the first-year class. There was a lot of excitement among my classmates, particularly once Dean Winick started handing out iPads,” said Marohn. Winick noted that 100% of the entering first-year students and approximately 70% of the upper level students enrolled in the new program by the end of the first week of law school. He expects that most of the remaining students will enroll over the next few weeks as students begin experimenting with new ways to study using the iPads. It is only a matter of time before virtual study groups are formed to support each of the core law school classes.

The second step of the program is to provide access to iPads for MCL law faculty members who are interested in integrating the iPad into their regular course materials and classroom presentations. Historically, law faculty members are known to be very traditional in their approach to teaching. In some law schools, classes have been taught the same way, with very few changes, for more than 100 years said Winick. The objective of the MCL faculty pilot program will be to develop examples of using iPad technology to enhance and expand traditional legal education without diminishing any of the core academic values, said Stephen Wagner, law professor and President of the faculty senate. The law school will pilot-test the faculty program during the current academic year and anticipates expanding the program to include all interested faculty members next year.

Being the first law school out of approximately 220 accredited law schools in the US to broadly adopt the iPad is a bold step. However it is not the only innovative program announced this year at MCL. In April, the law school celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day by hosting a ribbon-cutting of its new Community Justice Center, a LEED Platinum registered project. LEED Platinum is the highest green-building standard for sustainable design and construction. According to the US Green Building Council, MCL is only the third law school in the US to open a LEED Platinum facility. The new center is home to a courtroom, regional mediation center, and a new community legal clinic that will be staffed by MCL law students. We are fortunate to live, study, and work in one of the most beautiful and ecologically unique regions of the country, said Winick. We not only teach about environmental rights and responsibilities in the law school classroom . . . through our LEED Platinum facility we are providing a tangible example of the importance of sustainability and stewardship of our precious environmental resources.


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BikeWalkKC has Taught Above 1000 Young children in the Kansas City Region how to Safely Walk and Bike to School: With Your Assist, BikeWalkKC can Teach 1000 a lot more!

Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) October 31, 2011

The Kansas City area has a generation of young children who are lost without having the automobile. They are driven to school in the back of cars and are dangerously illiterate when it comes to targeted traffic signals, crosswalks and navigating intersections. School districts are pulling bus applications due to lack of funding and families are stretched to the limit for the duration of these difficult financial instances. Young children need to go to school, and it is portion of BikeWalkKC’s mission to aid the children in the Kansas City Region walk and bike safely to school.


BikeWalkKC’s nationally recognized employees is functioning with local schools and households to repair this predicament. Earlier this month thousands of kids across the region joined BikeWalkKC on International Walk to School Day – the regions most effective International Walk to School Day thus far.


This year BikeWalkKC’s education system has reached above a thousand individuals across the metro location. BikeWalkKC teaches young children about helmet safety, rules of the road, how to remain visible and bike upkeep. The tools kids learn in bike class also help youngsters in life. Young children learn advocacy, patience and the value of teamwork. In addition to operating directly with young children, BikeWalkKC teaches schools and other nonprofit groups about “walking school busses”, bike and site visitors parking lot safety, and how to do extensive walking and biking neighborhood assessments.


BikeWalkKC’s classes have gone to the Whatsoever Community Center in Old Northeast, Lees Summit summer day camp, Overland Park Farmers Market, the KC North Community Center, and in many other communities about the region. Walking to School positive aspects children, parents, schools and neighborhoods alike. Walking to school encourages activity before school and prepares children for their day. Walking to school also teaches youngsters how to navigate streets and site visitors. Walking and biking to school is very good for the environment around schools simply because it cuts down on the air pollution around schools from the vehicle pool lines and it creates a sense of community about neighborhoods when young children are walking and biking to school.


BikeWalkKC envisions a Kansas City exactly where our walking rates are above the national average where kids outlive their parents and walk and bike safely to school. BikeWalkKC has taught a thousand children in less than a year. Now we need your help to reach the subsequent thousand. Find out far more and donate to the next 1000 system at BikeWalkKC.


BikeWalkKC is the unified voice for active living, promoting a wholesome, safe and accessible outdoor experience for all in a vibrant, engaged community. BikeWalkKC is a member-supported organization that functions to make Higher Kansas City a safer and much more accessible spot to walk, bicycle, reside, function, and play. The advocacy programs operate with nearby cities to improve policies and develop sidewalks, trails, crosswalks, bike lanes, and a lot more. BikeWalkKC’s education applications give men and women the knowledge and skills to walk and to bicycle safely and confidently for transportation, recreation, and fitness. Learn much more at BikeWalkKC.org.