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NRMA Insurance Research Finds Drivers Are Losing Their Cool At School

(PRWEB) April 24, 2010

Car Insurance provider, NRMA Insurance is urging all NSW drivers to keep their cool when school goes back this week, after research reveals that almost 40 per cent of drivers are getting stressed when dropping off or collecting their children from school*.

The insurer also found that one in four drivers admitted to ignoring parking signs or rules when dropping off or picking up kids from school.

NRMA Car Insurance spokesperson Emily Gatt said we encourage all drivers to stay calm and follow the rules when in school drop-off zones.

We understand that everyone leads busy lives, which often means we can run late, however drivers should still make childrens safety a priority and be alert to the increased activity around schools.

Dropping children at school can be a stressful experience – there is often traffic congestion which can lead to drivers being distracted and frustrated.

Our research also showed us that 65 per cent of people get stressed about the behaviour of other parents and drivers in school drop-off zones.

More and more parents and carers drive kids to and from school rather than the child walking so there are a number of cars in the drop-off zones.

So we urge all drivers to follow the rules and keep their stress levels down when doing the school run for the safety of the children and their own benefit, Ms Gatt said.

[NRMA Car Insurance] http://www.nrma.com.au/car-insurance/index.shtmloffers some tips to drivers:

Try and leave home early to avoid the peak school drop-off and collection time;
Consider car pooling with other drivers to avoid doing the school run five days a week;
If you have the time, perhaps park away from the school and walk the child;
If youre caught in traffic remember to take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy the time getting frustrated can affect your ability to concentrate on the road.

*Based on Pure Profile Research, October 2009

NRMA Insurance is a leading insurance provider, offering car insurance quotes, home insurance, motorcycle insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, boat insurance, health insurance and caravan insurance in NSW.


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NRMA Insurance Findings Show NSW Drivers Are Burning The Candle At Both Ends

(PRWEB) July 24, 2010

NRMA Car Insurance research has revealed around 50 per cent of NSW drivers are getting an average of seven or less hours of sleep per night and more than one in three admitted to being tired at the wheel in the morning*.

A survey of 500 NSW drivers found that more than 70 per cent are staying up later than 10pm most nights with almost 60 per cent watching TV / DVDs and around a quarter surfing the internet.

Driving while sleep deprived, increases the risk of having a microsleep and losing control of your vehicle**.

NRMA Car Insurance spokesperson Sue Hawkins said its important all drivers are awake and alert before getting behind the wheel.

Our research showed that too many of us are driving while tired which means we are putting ourselves at higher risk of a collision.

We understand a lot of us lead busy lifestyles and want to squeeze in our favourite TV shows, movies or surf popular websites, however we recommend drivers get enough sleep per night so they are alert on the roads the next morning.

Our research also showed us that in addition to watching TV / DVDs and surfing the internet, people are catching up on housework and chores, talking or texting on the phone and around 10 per cent are socialising online.

NSW drivers should be reminded that lack of sleep can build up over a number of days and then result in you becoming fatigued while you are behind the wheel and put you at risk of a collision.

We want to urge all NSW drivers to be well rested before they get behind the wheel, she said.

NRMA Insurance offers some tips to drivers:

If you are feeling tired and need to get to a destination, catch a bus or train or arrange a lift with someone who is well rested;
Consider car pooling with a fellow colleague so you can share the drive to work;
Always make sure you are well rested before starting your trip.

*Based on Pure Profile Research, July 2010

** http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/

NRMA Insurance is a leading insurance provider, offering Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Travel Insurance, Business Insurance, Boat Insurance, Health Insurance and Caravan Insurance in NSW.

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Gender neutral insurance coverage policies introduced

Gender neutral insurance policies introduced
“At the same time, the price of vehicle insurance coverage and life insurance coverage for guys will come down, simply because the danger is becoming shared more than a bigger pool of folks which isn&#39t being divided by a gender gap. It&#39s an unjust situation that companies such as Confused …
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Spend per Mile Vehicle Insurance Now a Reality Announces InsuranceSourcer.com the Internets Biggest Automotive Insurance Comparison Internet site

(PRWEB) September 03, 2012

Just two days ago, a reporter by the name of Macharia Kamau spread the word about a remarkable new way to pay car insurance coverage in Kenya: Usage-based. Gateway Insurance coverage Company is now offering Pay Per Mile Vehicle Insurance to its clients. (source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/?articleID=2000064815&ampstory_title=Gateway-unveils-usage-based-motor-insurance).


Gateway is not the first insurance company to offer you this special plan, as Kamau points out, but is joining businesses in the USA, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa in forging new frontiers where it comes to auto insurance coverage. Spend Per Mile Car Insurance coverage is an instance of how insurance businesses are making use of present day engineering in such a way that the finish result is decrease premiums for buyers.


Currently, the prevalent arrangement for car insurance coverage is that the vehicle owner pays a set premium for the coverage they want, either monthly, quarterly or yearly. New technologies enables car insurance coverage organizations to give a device that gets installed into the buyers automobile at obtain. This device records the actual distance traveled in the vehicle every single time it is driven. This allows the firm to develop premiums based on the actual distances traveled.


Gateway’s program gives a way for buyers to have a wider amount of manage over their all round price of insurance. Clients ought to buy a minimum balance of 5000km and can acquire a lot more making use of their cell phones must they require it. If there is any quantity of kilometers left more than the initial 5000 at the end of the spend period, that extra quantity rolls over into the next pay period. This methodology is very related to how cell phone minutes are paid for on several plans. The flexibility of this arrangement signifies that drivers who only use their cars as soon as a week are not going to be paying the exact same overall quantity as drivers who travel great distances every single day. The beauty of this system is that it enables the auto insurance coverage shopper a higher amount of flexibility when budgeting, giving them the chance to make other transportation plans to bring their monthly expenditures down as necessary. A lot of buyers these days currently vehicle-pool or utilize bicycles in an work to lessen their effect on the earth. Now they can have the added benefit of minimizing the impact on their wallets.


Even though its not a terribly common practice yet, Pay Per Mile Car Insurance may come as a welcome adjust to motorists in todays world. Buyers today look to be largely concerned about two factors: The economic climate and the surroundings. It takes place that conserving fuel for the sake of their wallets also has a good impact on the atmosphere.


Gateway CEO, Godfrey Kioi sums it up nicely: Spend as you drive reflects huge scale changes in motoring habits and in so performing accommodates the shifting requirements of motorists.


Gateways reasons for providing this new plan could be a reflection of the auto insurance coverage sectors attitude as a whole. Latest modifications in modern day technology have pushed the auto insurance sector into thinking about new ways of pricing motor insurance premiums. The insurance coverage sector is not alone in evolving their enterprise practices. Banks have restructured the way they do company, as an example, and it would seem that for automobile insurance organizations to keep ahead of the curve as far as income and merchandise are concerned, the use of contemporary engineering is important to good results. This technology not only puts pricing into the hands of consumers but it also assists insurance coverage businesses in identifying and eliminating fraud.


In an age where modify is constant and growth is the goal, Spend Per Mile Automobile Insurance coverage seems win-win, for each shoppers and insurance coverage companies.


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