Q&A: Can anybody inform me about the following Las Vegas hotels?

Query by JudasHero: Can anybody tell me about the following Las Vegas hotels?
The Luxor

South Point Hotel

Golden Nugget Hotel

Are they worth the worth? What are their casinos like? Do they provide poker tables? Are they hassle-free? How’s the service?

Any information you could give me would be wonderful.

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Answer by Bill S
The Luxor is situated on the strip, has a good Casino and lots of entertainment. The Golden Nugget is positioned on Freemont St and you would have to catch a taxi or bus to the strip. I am not certain exactly where the South Point is so I can inform you anything about it. My recommendation would be to remain at the Luxor.

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  1. Joan E says:

    Hard to compare these three as they are all so different. The Golden Nugget is an older property in downtown Vegas, okay casino. South Point Hotel is quite new for Vegas, but not on the Strip. The casino is more open then most.

    The Luxor is a Strip Hotel, also has a open “feeling” casino, the rooms are bigger than some and comfortable and clean. It’s a good value for the money.

    Look at http:www.lasvegas-wow.com to pursue other options.
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  2. Michael M says:

    South Point too far off the beaten path
    Luxor is a four star place
    Golden Nugget is not a first class place.
    It is marginal at best.

    Luxor for qua;lity

  3. Rozie R says:

    never been to south point ..but the golden nugget is ok but it is in downtown …not such pretty people i dont think ..i would go elswhere try this site has everything you need to plan

  4. Bonnie says:

    downtown is not my choice in las vegas ….i would definitly stay on the stip more happening

  5. Bobby B says:

    Check out each of the hotels here

    Not sure what kind of budget you have but I like Golden Nugget as far as price and quality of service is concerned.

  6. gem says:

    i love downtown, and golden nugget is a beautiful casino, i think. ive never been to south point… luxor is pretty nice.

    anyhow, id pick golden nugget any day, less crowded too.

  7. vegasbound says:


    Stay at the Luxor.

  8. jack says:

    You can read reviews on each hotel at these sites

    >>Are they worth the value< < How much are you paying? >>What are the casinos like< <. I prefer South Point over Luxor and while the Golden Nugget is a nice hotel their casino is not one of my favorites. >>Do they offer Poker< < South Point - 8 tables - Non-smoking Luxor - 14 tables - Non-smoking Golden Nugget - 10 tables - Non-smoking >>Are they convenient< < The Luxor is. The Golden Nugget is convenient to downtown, you will need a car or have to catch the Deuce(bus) to access the strip. South Point - Need car to get around easily. >>How’s the service< < 4 stars for each >Any other info<< South Point has a free hotel shuttle to and from McCarran airport and to Mandalay Bay. If Michael's isn't the best restaurant in Las Vegas it's on a very short list. Luxor - I really like their Pyramid Spa Suites - Their new nightclub "LAX" is the hottest club in LV Golden Nugget - Their new pool "The Shark Tank" is pretty awesome. ~Jack~

  9. Matthew W says:

    South Point is a ten-minute drive from the strip and is the newest of the three. It has very nice rooms, but the casino is a little sterile and can be kind of boring, though it’s huge.

    The Luxor has an amazing location, but it’s in need of a makeover. It’s a very cool building, though, and there’s tons to do inside and plenty within walking distance.

    Golden Nugget is downtown, about a ten minute drive to the strip, but there’s a lot of stuff nearby. I’ve never stayed there, but it’s considered the nicest of the downtown hotels.

    All have Poker tables and large casino floors.

    If this is your first time, try the Luxor. It has the biggest wow factor of the three.

  10. GW says:

    we got married in las vegas this august, & stayed at the luxor. great value for money, we had a spa suite (lovely, romantic, luxory) the casino is vast & there are poker tables. the hotel is at the begining of the strip but the bus services are every few minutes & cheap so no trouble visiting the other hotels. we recomend visiting the bellagio for the fountians, caesar’s palace for the cheesecake factory, & the venetian for the italian feel & the gondola rides.

  11. a jaded angel says:

    I don’t know anything on South Point.

    If you are into poker you’re better off on the strip. I like the strip casinos better than dowtown. The downtown casinos (like nugget) have lower ceilings so second hand smoke is terrible. Don’t recommend downtown if you’re a nonsmoker. However, Nugget has the best food downtown, very resonably priced, and good service. Best buffet. Luxor is more hip and appealing to the younger crowd. Call ahead to find out about poker tables. I know poker is big at Bellagio.

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