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Beaten and left to die
Gina Bailey, 43, whose 21-year-old daughter Roseanna Cooper was tragically killed in a vehicle crash in June final year, said she had been friends with both males before the incident. She added: “I met Leslie Bertram at a celebration and he constantly seemed a very …
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23 years later, this stolen Corvette is still hot
The shiny two-seater was stolen in 1989 from the new vehicle sales lot at what was then known as C &amp M Chevrolet in San Diego and driven straight to a nearby self-storage facility, exactly where it was locked in a garage-size unit and left there — for 23 years …
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ALMS: 2012 Rookies Of The Year, David Heinemeier Hansson &amp Alex Popow
The 2012 American Le Mans Series season was filled with surprises, but maybe none far more than the arrival of an extraordinary crop of newcomers to the extremely competitive multi-class sports auto championship. From Hollywood actor/racer Patrick Dempsey to GT …
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