How pricey is it to go to Iceland?

Query by gossip_palms: How expensive is it to go to Iceland?
Okay, so I want to go to Iceland with a buddy in the summer of 2013. I was just looking at airfare and it was only $ 560 from Boston to Reykjavík. We’ll both be 19 in 2013. We could keep at hostels, so it is less expensive. How lengthy would you recommend we go? And how much would it be all round? Could I go with a budget? I genuinely want to start off saving up NOW. What are the primary attractions in Iceland? I usually wanted to go to 1 of those hot springs. Were American fyi. Thanks!

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You *can* go on extremely tiny cash. The question is how you *want* to go due to the fact there are compromises.

1) The Blue Lagoon (the spa you’ve seen all of the pictures of) is something like $ 60 per particular person after travel and admission costs are factored in, and not counting factors like towel rental, meals, and so forth. On the other side of the spectrum, there are some good remote geothermal pools in lovely locations that are totally free of charge — but of course you have to get there first. In the intermediate and strongly recommended for those on a price range is the public pool program. Never believe “pools” — believe spas. It really is all geothermally-heated water (not glowing blue, but still sulfurous) in abundance. Even my local neighborhood “pool” has a lukewarm full-size indoor pool, yet another outdoor, a warm indoor spa, two outdoor hot spas (1 with some great fierce hot water massage jets), a kiddy pool, a huge waterslide, and a steam area. That is much more like $ five or so.

two) Travel can be a huge price range-buster. The cheapest you’ll locate a vehicle for — and anticipate a heavily used one at these prices — is $ 40-$ 50 a day. Gas is at the moment about $ 7.50 a gallon. So… yeah, feel about that ) As for alternatives:
* Trains: Nope. Not a train station in the nation.
* Private rental: Possibly, and possibly could get a far better price. Begin monitoring I hope you speak Icelandic.
* Ride sharing: Maybe. There’s a couple ride sharing websites out there, but they are not as well heavily trafficked.
* Hitchhiking: Well-liked amongst low spending budget vacationers — cost-free or inexpensive. It works, but it is unpredictable, so be ready for the occasions when you cannot get a ride.
* Buses: There’s a great bus technique in between Keflavík (which has the airport), the Blue Lagoon, and Reykjavík, as properly as inside the Reykjavík location. Everywhere else, properly, not so much. “Day-to-day” is fairly common, and in some locations, each and every other day. Program in advance and *do not* miss your bus!
* Other: domestic airflights (not cheap), taxis (Extremely not low cost), walking (great for in-town, not so excellent for acquiring around the island), buddies in Iceland (have any?).

3) Lodging: The price you spend for a hotel depends on how much effort you are prepared to put into discovering a very good deal. Yes, there are hostels, which can help with the budget. Even more affordable is Couchsurfing, although the country’s couchsurfing method gets a bit overloaded in the summers with the heavy influx of tourists (develop up a very good hosting record and book well in advance!). Campsites in the nation are exceptional and cheap, and wildcamping is legal. And of course, there’s always the “sleep in a rental car option, if you don’t thoughts the lack of facilities )

four) Food: Restaurants are high-priced in Iceland, no obtaining around that. Some are much more costly than other folks, though. I kinda like Cafe Babalú in Reykjavík. Much less costly is fixing your own food. Hagkaup is the nicest grocery store with the best choice. Bonus is the least expensive. Krónan is in-in between. Fruits and vegetables expense a lot in Iceland and are generally poor high quality. Dairy is cheap and exceptional good quality. I am a vegetarian so I can not comment on the meat, but Iceland is well-known for its fish and lamb. And I love the breads.

So, yeah, you *can* go for low-cost, but you have to make sacrifices, and you far better have a strategy.

Gangi þér vel!

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