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PM gets two BMWs amid austerity claims
The Cabinet Division's Central Pool of Car (CPC), which manages the fleet of cars used by the Prime Minister's Office, refused to disclose any information. An official privy to the action said that this was classified information, but admitted that the …

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Mervyn's buddy shot dead
A close supporter of Minister Mervyn Silva and Peliyagoda Urban Councillor Shamila Sandaruwan (UPFA) was shot dead in his car by an assailant on the Old Road, Dalugama yesterday morning. According to the … The victim was found in a pool of blood.
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Innovation to reach new markets and tap worth pools
In his autobiography, Ford wrote: “I will create a automobile for the excellent multitude. It will be big adequate for the loved ones, but little sufficient for the individual to run and care for. It will be constructed of the ideal components, by the ideal guys to be hired …
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Mother killed in tragic accident was the heart of her family members
Janet was killed in an accident March 15 when she and her husband Ron tried to help a household with two children right after the family members&#39s car spun off the road in whiteout conditions, west of Collingwood. It would surprise no one who knew Janet that she was …
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