Can an individual inform me about the Casey Anthony trial?

Question by 352: Can someone tell me about the Casey Anthony trial?
Hey I heard about this when it first hit the news a few years ago, but I dont have cable and have no thought whats going on..So any information /opinions /information any person would like to share would be drastically appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer by Yvonne
In a nutshell, she has lied and lied more than the previous three years so no 1 knows what actually happened. The defense is attempting to say Caylee’s death was accidental, that she drowned in the family members pool, and that Casey’s dad was the a single who found her and has known all along. I don’t uncover that challenging to think, but why the chloroform and duct tape?

I do not know what to think any longer. I thought she had maybe attempted to drug her so she could go out partying and ended up killing her by accident and trying to cover it up, I thought perhaps she just had enough and killed her with full intent. But now they’re saying the meter reader is the a single who place her body in the woods to get the reward cash (that he wouldn’t have ever gotten simply because it was only if she was located alive.) I just hope justice is served.

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  1. heart-to-heart says:

    The original story was that in June 2008, Casey left her daughter with a nanny, and the nanny kidnapped Caylee. She didn’t report that her daughter was missing or anything. She showed up at her house without Caylee after being gone for a month and her mom questioned her about it. Her mom called 911 and screamed at the dispatcher that Casey’s car smelled like there had been a dead body in the trunk, and Caylee had been kidnapped by the so-called nanny. Casey provided the police with a name and residence of the “nanny” and low and behold, the nanny didn’t even exist. The investigators discovered that someone on the Anthony’s family computer had been conducting searches on the internet for “neck breaking,” and “chloroform.” Also, a hair was found in Casey’s trunk that came from a decomposed body.

    On December 11, 2008 Caylee’s remains were found in a remote location near the Anthony home by a utility worker. It just so happens that this area is where Casey’s family buries their dead pets.

    The trial started yesterday (May 24) and Casey’s defense is that her dad sexually abused her as a child, that’s why she’s a liar, and the kicker was that “Caylee drowned on June 16, 2008 in the family swimming pool.” Casey’s dad (George) supposedly found Caylee drowned and told Casey that they had to cover it up, or they would go to prison for neglect. George Anthony denied all allegations on the stand yesterday. Another thing that the defense brought into play was the utility worker who found Caylee’s remains. Casey’s attorney accused him of being in possession of Caylee’s remains, then placing them in said place so that he could collect the reward money.

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