All-new Civic’s fuel consumption is as excellent as the company claims?

Query by Teejay: All-new Civic’s fuel consumption is as excellent as the business claims?
I have heard that the all-new Honda Civic has some remarkable technology. The unburnt fuel of the earlier stroke is pushed back into the combustion chamber again by the piston to mix with new fuel to give far better fuel consumption and low emission. Isn’t this as well very good to be accurate? This final results in better fuel consumption exactly where the 1800cc engine provides fuel consumption of that of 1500’s according to automobile journalists.. What are the other technological gismos in this that its other competitors like, the Sentra, Corolla, don’t have? Any person owns a single? Are you satisfied with yours?

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Answer by Cincinnati Food and Wine Guy
Exciting question, because the user reviews differ so extensively in the answer to this. I like the evaluations by customers on Yaho! Autos (see link beneath).

My individual expertise (I have an EX coupe) is that I get greater mileage than the EPA rating. I get 34-35 in town and 40-41 on the highway on a constant basis. To be fair, I am a really gentle (although not necessarily slow) driver. I would guess that difficult accelleration, air conditioning overuse in town, and leaving your foot on the gas although going downhill (alternatively of letting the automobile coast for the freebie), would take a toll on this car’s little engine really rapidly. I purchased this automobile as a 5-speed, and I’m pretty excellent at creating use of a manual transmission as a mileage tool.

By means of wise driving, becoming fortunate adequate to have a ten mile round trip to operate, and arranging my trips for maximum use, this car lets me get gas once a month with only a 12 gallon tank.

When I got this vehicle early last Fall, it had just grow to be accessible, and my friends (who had been accustomed to seeing me in “prestige” vehicles) assumed it was an Acura since of its sleek styling (although the sedan looks really “gals in the secretarial pool”) and gizmos (one particular touch up/down windows and sunroof, iPod jack built in, MP3 player, XM radio, steering wheel audio controls, fashionable wheels, and the wonderful two-tiered instrument panel, etc.). I skipped out on the sattelite navigation method and the foglights, and got the issue for $ 18000, which is the least I have ever paid for a new car.

Funny story about the cool-quotient of this car…Last month I valet parked at a hotel in Chicago, and to my surprise and delight it was my economical Honda parked next to a Ferrari, a Bentley, and a BMW 7 series at the valet stand that drew a crowd of foreign onlookers posing for pictures subsequent to it. I parked subsequent to an Audi TT at a coffee location, and the TT owner stopped to inform me what a cool seeking automobile I had. I am nevertheless chuckling all the way to the bank with every single payment and fill-up.

Other innovations on this car are about safety, which was important to me. I will not go into the tech specifics (though the second hyperlink under will take you to Honda’s internet site if you happen to be curious), but this vehicle won five-star front and side effect ratings from NSTSA, and very best pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for a cause.

For me, I would not have even regarded the Scion (which appears distinctly economical), the Corolla (just plain ugly), or the Sentra (appears like a 90’s automobile, nevertheless, and rotten crash test results).

If you happen to be hunting for a 4-door, the Mazda three is an remarkable value in a nice loking package. While you are going to give up a bit of mileage for it, it pays off with added energy and unbelievable roominess for a car in this class. It’s what I would have purchased if I had a non-coupe lifestlye.

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  1. niuya says:

    Mine is automatic and I can get ~40 if drive mostly on highway. I have never drived purely in the city so no data on that.

  2. Balraj says:

    when looking at the figures given for fuel consumption by the manufacturer do not pay attention to the combined one(Urban and Extra urban) as it can be misleading. Check the urban figure for a true estimate

  3. ericsgurl001 says:


  4. DarthFangNutts says:

    It all depends on individual driving habits and how much fun you like to have. EPA estimates are just that, estimates based on set ideal conditions during the estimate.

    If you like to grandma the car and drive the speed limit, if not slower, and brake slowly and accelerate slowly, then you’ll probably get the EPA or more.

    If you like to drive with a little more snap, then you’ll lose on efficiency. Just depends on how much you want to weigh fun relative to cost of that fun in fuel consumption.

    My ’98 Accord V-6 is rated at 25 highway, I can never get that at 70mph (22 mpg), but at 55, it does about 25-26 mpg. I can’t drive at 55 mph, but I can live with the slight decrease in mpg so I can drive with fun and sanity.

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