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Disney Pixar Cars Pool Toys Set Reviews

Disney Pixar Cars Pool Toys Set

Disney Pixar Cars Pool Toys Set

  • 1 Disney Pixar Cars beach ball (12″)
  • 1 Pair Disney Cars Inflatable Arm Floats with Mcqueen and Boost
  • 1 Disney Pixar Cars Surf Rider (28″)

Beach Fun for everyone!!!! An ideal set for holidays

Your child will love cooling off on a hot summer’s day using our Disney Pixar’s Cars Pool set! Let your kids splash and play all day long!

List Price: $ 19.99


SGIC Recommends that SA Drivers Take a Few Deep Breaths

(PRWEB) September 10, 2010

SA drivers need to keep their cool while at the wheel, with new SGIC Car Insurance research revealing that more than one in three get stressed while driving and males are more likely to feel frazzled*.

A survey of 500 SA drivers showed that 40 per cent find the afternoon the most stressful time of day to drive.

SGIC Car Insurance spokesperson Rob Cory said we want to urge all drivers to stay calm while theyre at the wheel.

Our research showed that males are feeling a little more anxious on the road (39 per cent compared to 34 per cent of women), admitting that the tension is caused by running late or other drivers on the road not merging correctly or ignoring the road rules.

Busy lifestyles shouldnt compromise safe driving. If you are feeling stressed before you get behind the wheel, then we suggest you postpone your drive until you are more at ease or try and car pool with a friend or work colleague.

The fact that SA drivers are more likely to be stressed in the afternoon could indicate more traffic congestion at that time or were rushing to get home to relax.

We recommend all drivers stay calm while theyre on the road, stress can affect your concentration and losing focus for even one second, puts you at higher risk of a collision, Mr Cory said.

SGIC recommends the following tips for drivers:

Consider adjusting your work hours if you can to avoid driving in peak hour;
Think about car pooling with other drivers to avoid driving five days a week;
Choose public transport if available;
If youre caught in traffic remember to take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy the time getting frustrated wont help your safety or your stress levels.

Based on a survey of 500 SA drivers by Pure Profile Research in July 2010.

SGIC is a leading insurance provider offering Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Travel Insurance, Business Insurance, Boat Insurance, Health Insurance and Caravan Insurance in South Australia.


Naish 2014 Mana Air Paddleboard, 11-Feet x 6-Inch

Naish 2014 Mana Air Paddleboard, 11-Feet x 6-Inch

Naish 2014 Mana Air Paddleboard, 11-Feet x 6-Inch

  • Super rigid, premium inflatable board
  • Features a high quality construction for outstanding durability that is safe for boats, cars, pools, decks, pets and people
  • Comes with: High pressure gauge pump; Canvas carrying pack; Repair kit and Removable center fin
  • UV protected EF poly skin same as high quality inflatables
  • Dual-density deck pad with graphics for optimum foot placement

The 11′ Mana 6″has substantial width and thickness for paddling comfort and stability. The progressive rocker provides turning performance and maneuverability for the surf. Ideal for riders up to 240 lbs.

List Price: $ 1,459.00


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Reserved Parking – Car Pool Parking Only (with Parking Symbol) Sign, 18″ x 9″

Reserved Parking – Car Pool Parking Only (with Parking Symbol) Sign, 18″ x 9″

Reserved Parking - Car Pool Parking Only (with Parking Symbol) Sign, 18

Reserved Parking – Car Pool Parking Only (with Parking Symbol) – Diamond Grade Reflective Sign, 80 mil Aluminum, 18″ x 9″ – Car pools are a responsible and efficient way of transit. Reward car poolers with their very own reserved parking space with this nicely designed “Reserved Parking – Car Pool Parking Only” sign!

List Price: $ 33.73


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