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How did GM(Basic Motors) get to be in the predicament that it is in today?

Query by Willy Wonka: How did GM(General Motors) get to be in the situation that it is in today?
Pending Chapter 11, why is GM on the verge of collapse? Never just say the compounded problems from the housing market and the decline of the economy.

Very best answer:

Answer by Vipassana
Poor item.

Poor response to customer requirements.

Overpriced goods…

The list goes on and on.

And seeing as most of what they create is made in Mexico or Canada, it’s not like all our spent American dollars are in fact going to Americans.

Lexus is much more of an American organization than GM is now.

All round, the business got so assured that Americans would get their merchandise simply because they’re an “american” organization…that they stopped really generating an item worth buying.

And when we caught on, and our money started going elsewhere…instead of enhancing the product, they just hyped up the “Created in the USA” campaign.

Which is pathetic.

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BART strike snarls travels , but backup plan employed for Modesto buses

BART strike snarls travels , but backup program utilised for Modesto buses
Morning rush hour did not come to a standstill as feared, and some travelers who utilized auto-pool lanes and other alternatives added relatively tiny time to their commutes. A strike contingency strategy was in place Monday for Stanislaus County commuters employing&nbsp…
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